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Gibberellin and abscisic acid transporters facilitate endodermal suberin formation in Arabidopsis 

Nature Plants, 2023

Binenbaum J, Wulff N, Camut L, Kiradjiev K, Anfang M, Tal I, Vasuki H, Zhang Y, Sakvarelidze-Achard L, Davière JM, Ripper D, Carrera E8, Manasherova E, Ben Yaakov S, Lazary S, Hua C, Novak V, Crocoll C, Weinstain R, Cohen H, Ragni L, Aharoni A, Band LR, Achard, Nour-Eldin HH and Shani E.


Multi-Knock – a multi-targeted genome-scale CRISPR toolbox to overcome functional redundancy in plants 

Nature Plants, 2023

Hu Y, Patra P, Pisanty O, Shafir A, Belew ZM, Binenbaum J, Ben Yaakov S, Shi B, Charrier L, Hyams G, Zhang Y, Trabolsky M, Caldararu O, Weiss D, Crocoll C, Avni A, Vernoux T, Geisler M, Nour-Eldin HH, Mayrose I, and Shani E


Plant Hormone Transport and Localization– Signaling Molecules on the Move 

Annual Review of Plant Biology, 2023

Zhang Y, Berman A, Shani E


ABCB-mediated shootward auxin transport feeds into the root clock

EMBO Reports, 2023

Jian Chen, Yangjie Hu, Pengchao Hao, Yuqing Zhang, Ohad Roth, Maria Njo, Lieven Sterck, Yun Hu, Yunde Zhao, Markus Geisler, Eilon Shani, Tom Beeckman, Steffen Vanneste


Hydraulic flux–responsive hormone redistribution determines root branching 

Science, 2022
Mehra P, Pandey BK, Melebari D, Banda J, Leftley N, Couvreur V, Rowe J, Anfang M, De Gernier H, Morris E, Sturrock CJ, Mooney SJ, Swarup R, Faulkner C, Beeckman T, Bhalerao R, Shani E, Jones AM, Dodd A.C, Sharp RE, Sadanandom A, Draye X, Bennett MJ.


ABA homeostasis and long-distance translocation is redundantly regulated by ABCG ABA importers

Science Advances, 2021

Yuqin Zhang, Himabindu Vasuki, Jie Liu, Hamutal Bar, Shani Lazary, Aiman Egbaria, Dagmar Ripper, Laurence Charrier, Zeinu Mussa, Nikolai Wulff, Hussam Hassan Nour-Eldin, Asaph Aharoni, Laura Ragni, Lucia Strader, Nir Sade, Roy Weinstain, Markus Geisler, Eilon Shani


Transport mechanisms of plant hormones
Current Opinions in Plant Biology, 2021
Moran Anfang, Eilon Shani


Cell kinetics of auxin transport and activity in Arabidopsis root growth and skewing
Nature Communications, 2021

Yangjie Hu, Moutasem Omary, Yun Hu, Ohad Doron, Lukas Hoermayer, Qingguo Chen, Or Megides, Ori Chekli, Zhaojun Ding, Jiří Friml, Yunde Zhao, Ilan Tsarfaty, Eilon Shani


Cell‐type action specificity of auxin on Arabidopsis root growth

The Plant Journal, 2021

Tingting Ding, Feng Zhang, Junxia Wang, Fengxia Wang, Jiajia Liu, Chuantian Xie, Yangjie Hu, Eilon Shani, Xiangpei Kong, Zhaojun Ding, Huiyu Tian


The GORKY glycoalkaloid transporter is indispensable for preventing tomato bitterness

Nature Plants, 2021

Yana Kazachkova, Itay Zemach, Sayantan Panda, Samuel Bocobza, Andrii Vainer, Ilana Rogachev, Yonghui Dong, Shifra Ben-Dor, Dorottya Veres, Christa Kanstrup, Sophie Konstanze Lambertz, Christoph Crocoll, Yangjie Hu, Eilon Shani, Simon Michaeli, Hussam Hassan Nour-Eldin, Dani Zamir, Asaph Aharoni


Characterizing gibberellin flow in planta using photocaged gibberellins

Chemical Science, 2019

Shira Wexler, Hilla Schayek, Kandhikonda Rajendar, Iris Tal, Eilon Shani, Yasmine Meroz, Roman Dobrovetsky, Roy Weinstain


A seed resource for screening functionally redundant genes and isolation of new mutants impaired in CO2 and ABA responses 

Journal of Experimental Botany, 2019

Hauser F, de O Ceciliato P.H, Lin Y.C, Guo D, Gregerson J.D, Abbasi N, Youhanna D, Park J, Dubeaux G, Shani E, Poomchongkho N, J.I Schroeder


A Transportome amiRNA forward genetic screen identifies the auxin transport activity of ABCB6 and ABCB20 and exposes phenotypic plasticity in Arabidopsis

Nature Communications, 2018

Zhang Y, Naser V, Pisanty O, Omary M, Wulff N, Charrier L, Tal I, Hauser F, Hao P, Roth O, Fromm H, Schroeder J, Geisler M, Nour-Eldin H.H, and Shani E


The KNOXI transcription factor SHOOT MERISTEMLESS regulates floral fate in Arabidopsis

Plant Cell, 2018

O Roth, JP Alvarez, M Levy, JL Bowman, N Ori, E Shani


CRISPys: Optimal sgRNA design for editing multiple members of a gene family using the CRISPR system

Journal of Molecular Biology, 2018

Hyams G, Abadi S, Avni A, Halperin E, Shani E, and Mayrose I


Gibberellin localization and transport in plants

Trends in Plant Science, 2018

Binenbaum J, Weinstain R, and Shani E.


PHB3 maintains root stem cell niche identity through ROS-responsive AP2/ERF transcription factors in Arabidopsis

Cell Reports, 2018

Xiangpei Kong, Huiyu Tian, Qianqian Yu, Feng Zhang, Rong Wang, Shan Gao, Wenhong Xu, Jiajia Liu, Eilon Shani, Chunxiang Fu, Gongke Zhou, Liangran Zhang, Xiansheng Zhang, Zhaojun Ding


Plant stress tolerance requires auxin-sensitive Aux/IAA transcriptional repressors
Current Biology, 2017

Shani E, Salehin M, Zhang Y, Sanchez S.E, Doherty C, Wang R, Mangado C.C, Song L, Tal I, Pisanty O, Ecker J.R, Kay S.A, Pruneda-Paz J, Estelle M


Studying Microstructure and Microstructural Changes in Plant Tissues by Advanced Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques

Journal of Experimental Botany, 2017

Morozov D, Tal, I, Pisanty O, Shani E, Cohen Y


Highlighting Gibberellins Accumulation Sites in Arabidopsis thaliana Root Using Fluorescently Labeled Gibberellins

Plant Hormones: Methods and Protocols, 2017

Schayek H,  Shani E and Weinstain R


The Arabidopsis NPF3 protein is a GA transporter

Nature Communications, 2016

Tal I, Zhang Y,Egevang Jørgensen M, Pisanty O, Barbosa I.C.R,  Zourelidou M, Regnault T, Crocoll C, Erik C.O, Weinstain R, Schwechheimer C, Halkier B.A, Nour-Eldin H.H, Estelle M and Shani E


Auxin response under osmotic stress

Plant Molecular Biology, 2016

Naser V and Shani E


Stronger sink demand for metabolites supports dominance of the apical bud in etiolated growth

Journal of Experimental Botany, 2016

Yossi Buskila, Noa Sela, Paula Teper-Bamnolker, Iris Tal, Eilon Shani, Roy Weinstain, Victor Gaba, Yehudit Tam, Amnon Lers, Dani Eshel


TEMPRANILLO reveals the mesophyll as crucial for epidermal trichome formation

Plant Physiology, 2016

Luis Matías-Hernández, Andrea E Aguilar-Jaramillo, Michela Osnato, Roy Weinstain, Eilon Shani, Paula Suárez-López, Soraya Pelaz


The glucosinolate breakdown product indole‐3‐carbinol acts as an auxin antagonist in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana

The Plant Journal, 2015

Ella Katz, Sophia Nisani, Brijesh S Yadav, Melkamu G Woldemariam, Ben Shai, Uri Obolski, Marcelo Ehrlich, Eilon Shani, Georg Jander, Daniel A Chamovitz


Gibberellins accumulate in the elongating endodermal cells of Arabidopsis root

PNAS, 2013

Shani E, Weinstain R, Zhang Y, Castillejo C, Kaiserli E, Chory J, Tsien R.Y and Estelle M


BSK s are partially redundant positive regulators of brassinosteroid signaling in Arabidopsis

The Plant Journal, 2013

Shivakumar Sreeramulu, Yana Mostizky, Sukumaran Sunitha, Eilon Shani, Hadas Nahum, Dor Salomon, Liat Ben Hayun, Christian Gruetter, Daniel Rauh, Naomi Ori, Guido Sessa


A map of cell type‐specific auxin responses

Molecular Systems Biology, 2013

Bastiaan OR Bargmann, Steffen Vanneste, Gabriel Krouk, Tal Nawy, Idan Efroni, Eilon Shani, Goh Choe, Jiri Friml, Dominique C Bergmann, Mark Estelle, Kenneth D Birnbaum


ENTIRE and GOBLET promote leaflet development in tomato by modulating auxin response

The Plant Journal, 2012

Hadas Ben‐Gera, Ido Shwartz, Mon‐Ray Shao, Eilon Shani, Mark Estelle, Naomi Ori


Gibberellin partly mediates LANCEOLATE activity in tomato

The Plant Journal, 2011

Osnat Yanai, Eilon Shani, Dor Russ, Naomi Ori


Negative reciprocal interactions between gibberellin and cytokinin in tomato

New Phytologist, 2011

S Fleishon, E Shani, N Ori, D Weiss


From organelle to organ: ZRIZI MATE-Type transporter is an organelle transporter that enhances organ initiation

Plant and Cell Physiology, 2011

Yogev Burko, Yosef Geva, Aya Refael-Cohen, Sharona Shleizer-Burko, Eilon Shani, Yael Berger, Eyal Halon, George Chuck, Menachem Moshelion, Naomi Ori


Cytokinin regulates compound leaf development in tomato

The Plant Cell, 2010

E Shani, H Ben-Gera, S Shleizer-Burko, Y Burko, D Weiss, N Ori


Stage-specific regulation of Solanum lycopersicum leaf maturation by class 1 KNOTTED1-LIKE HOMEOBOX proteins

The Plant Cell, 2009

Eilon Shani, Yogev Burko, Lilach Ben-Yaakov, Yael Berger, Ziva Amsellem, Alexander Goldshmidt, Eran Sharon, Naomi Ori


The role of hormones in shoot apical meristem function

Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 2006

E Shani, O Yanai, N Ori


Arabidopsis KNOXI proteins activate cytokinin biosynthesis

Current Biology, 2005

Osnat Yanai, Eilon Shani, Karel Dolezal, Petr Tarkowski, Robert Sablowski, Goran Sandberg, Alon Samach, Naomi Ori


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