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Overcoming functional redundancy to uncover plant hormone transport mechanisms

We are interested in the molecular factors regulating plant hormones transport mechanisms. We study the first events of cellular signaling - all the way to patterning of the whole plant, primarily focusing on the plant hormones auxin and gibberellin (GA). To facilitate this, we combine state-of-the-art genetics, molecular biology, chemistry and imaging approaches.



Meet The Team

Ziv Aardening

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Prof. Eilon Shani

Shir Ben-Yaakov

Himabindu Vasuki

Jane Doe

Dr. Yuqin Zhang

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Jenia Binenbaum

Michal Cohen

Daniela Arazi

Moran Anfang

Dr. Yangjie Hu

Iris Tal

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School of Plant Science and Food Security

Britannia 511

Tel Aviv University

Tel-Aviv, 69978